Being discharged from the hospital and going home with tracheostomy is a big challenge for everyone!

Care to Breathe?  Respiratory Therapists manage tracheostomy and endotracheal tubes daily, and we are confident that we can help you manage your tracheostomy. We provide tracheostomy tube care on a daily basis to prevent bacterial growth and infections on the stoma.  We provide  proper training to nurses and families on daily cleaning  to prevent any infections or bacteria growth.Sterility is important  in handling the trach airway because the open stoma leads directly to the wound.  Even with proper trach care, infections may still happen, which is why it is important to prevent as much of it as we can!  

We will also change out tracheostomy tubes monthly, to prevent infections and bacteria growth.  We will also work in tandem with your physician if any complication on the tracheostomy tube arise.  Care to Breathe? provides education to your nurse to be able to deal with any difficulties that may arise after a trach change.  Our specialists will be able to provide tips on how to handle the trach tube with gentle hands.

Care to Breathe? is able to handle your airway for better breathing.