Pulmonary Rehabilitation


Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Having minimal or no control of your breathing can leave one feeling trapped and depressed.  Our daily experience with ventilator dependent patients allows us to determine how to best help improve lung muscle function to better enjoy life a while on the ventilator support. The lung muscles can get tired over time, which like any other muscle, will not work without exercise.   Our experience as Respiratory Therapists allow us to devise individualized plans for our patients to strengthen these lung muscles, to avoid complications of being on a ventilator.  

Passy Muir Valve (PMV) is a device that, with proper training, allows patients to talk and improve their lung diaphragm muscle, while being on the ventilator. We will work with your physician to incorporate PMV into your life, so that you will be able to meet appreciate your new lifestyle. 

Being bed bound all day can put a hamper on enjoying life.  Our specialists will educate nurses on how to transport patients via wheelchair while being on the ventilator, so patients can boost up their confidence and  maintain a positive outlook, while enjoying a new life by going on an outing or meeting new friends. Being a little more active, allows you to be a part of the world and feel you are loved by the little fine things in life. 

Care to Breathe? believes the sky is the limit and it takes a lot of time and patience to achieve your goal to be able to talk, eat, breath, and build up confidence while on the ventilator support.