Pulmonary Hygiene Management


Pulmonary Hygiene Management

Care to Breathe? believes each morning you wake up, you take your first breaths, which determines how your day will go. Airway secretions can build up in ALS patients and become difficult to clear.  With our skills and techniques in dealing with airway secretions, we are confident that we can clear your secretions so you can enjoy your day with family and friends with minimal trouble with breathing due to secretions. We will closely monitor your airway secretions weekly and incorporate secretion management as part of your respiratory care plan.  In additional, we will educate nurses on different techniques to better remove secretions and allow for better breathing. 

Chest physiotherapy (CPT) is respiratory treatment performed by experienced Respiratory Therapists that improves breathing and removes secretions.  

CPT we provide are Intrapulmonary Percussive Ventilation, Vest Therapy, and Hand-Held Percussion.

1. Intrapulmonary Percussive Ventilation (IPV): a treatment delivered through the mouthpiece, directly to airway tube (ETT or trach), or inline ventilator circuit to vibrate the lungs. This treatment helps improve lung air movement, prevent lungs collapse,  and remove thick, stubborn, mucus secretions.

2. Vest therapy: an equipment that removes and loosen the secretions, so it’s easy to suction secretions through your airway. Vest therapy is a non-invasive and safe therapy designed to remove secretions by wearing a vest or chest wrap connected to tubes, connected to equipment that can control the vibrations. 

3.  Hand-Held Percussion: This safe and non-invasive equipment allows removal and loosening of secretions by directly percussing each lobe of the lungs, without vibrating the heart.  

Our goal is better breathing.  We are dedicated and motivated to clear your secretions so you can start your day on a positive life.