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Thao Mai, RRT

Thao Mai graduated from a respiratory program at San Joaquin Valley College located in Sacramento, CA in February 2011. She has 6 years of experience as a Respiratory Therapist, working in the following settings: respiratory home care, sub-acute hospitals and critical care hospitals. She is currently working at St. Mary Medical Center in San Francisco and VA hospital in Palo Alto. With her experience in taking care of patients’ respiratory needs in an inpatient hospital setting, she is confident in providing the same quality of care in a home care setting. She has experience working with all age groups ranging from age 6 months to the elderly in their 90s. She shares a huge passion assisting others with their healthcare needs.
care to breathe Thao Mai

How she got into Respiratory Career?

Her mom was a nurse in her home country and has always shared compassionate stories of assisting others medically, which ultimately inspired Thao to work in heathcare. In addition, her youngest brother had poorly controlled childhood asthma which resulted in frequent visits to the doctor and to the ER. Even at a young age, she knew the importance of obtaining proper respiratory care. It is one of the main reasons why Thao was motivated to become a Respiratory Therapist.

In her spare time, Thao loves to travel with friends and families. She also has a love for food and enjoys trying out new restaurants here in the Bay Area.



  • Thao Mai is a Respiratory Therapist who loves her job. Her enthusiasm for the job shows by the Caring Attitude, Commitment and Quality Care she provide for her patients.
    Ray Imai
    Respiratory Dept. Manager
  • It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Thao Mai and the “Care To Breathe?” respiratory home care company.

    Thao worked under my supervision as a registered respiratory therapist for four years.

    I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Thao, and came to know her as a truly valuable asset to our respiratory department. She is trustworthy, dependable and very hard working. Her knowledge of respiratory therapies and her expertise in respiratory equipment was a great advantage to our facility. She uses her skillset to make sure her patients have the best possible care.

    Along with her remarkable talent, Thao has always been a joy to work with. Her patients and co-workers always appreciated her positive attitude.

    Thao is a dedicated and knowledgeable respiratory therapist, who will undoubtedly succeed with her respiratory business.

    Max Huang
    Director of Respiratory Therapy (Ret.)
    Bay Area Healthcare